Last year Hilde Lund, a well-known Sami  crafts person , asked me if I would weave brown and grey sami wool shawls.  I told her I had to think it over. While weaving red, blue and green shawls for the local crafts store,  I felt the need to create other color combinations. After many sketches, also on the computer, I chose the colors you see here.

The grey shawls are woven with and without silver threads, the brown shawls with and without gold threads. All four variations are available in my online store.



Blue like the sea on a summer’s day, tempting, clear and icy cold. Or like the last snow in the mountains, melting in a small puddle. Blue like the ice of the glacier.




melting snow





Red, grey and white is present everywhere in the atumn mountains. Grey like stone and white like last years snow,  white like reindeer lichen and red like bearberry leaves (Arctostaphylos alpinus) or dwarf birch (Betula nana). .

På Blåruttind


rypebær reinlav


Dvergbjørk - Betula nana

All shawls are handmade in my workshop. Weaving shawls takes time and long arms!

Also the finishing takes many hours. The row of knots around the whole piece is a decorative, visual element.


The red hue in the grey shawls was a wish from Marit Andersen Somby, I am very grateful that she took the time to visit my workshop and pick exactly this color from the huge color chart. I am very happy with the result! Do you have any particular wishes for shawl colors? Let me know!


Ullsjal grått



ullsjal kniv