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Skjerf til folket

Finally I have had time to weave more scarves! They have been very popular and the last one was sold in November last year, but I never had the time to weave more of them. Last winter I worked very hard in order to finish my folk art project, and afterwards there were lots of folk costume commissions to work on.

Herre skjerf

Because the scarves were sold out so quickly, I was never able to get decent photos of them. And there will be no good photos this time either. The sun disappears on Wednesday and will be gone until January 21. But luckily there were no clouds last weekend and we managed to get some half-decent snaphots with my mobile phone.

Skjerf detail

Some scarves and the larger shawls  are one-of-a-kind, of other color combinations there are two. I love to play with colors and there are twenty diferent color combinations. If you wonder how they look like, check out the color swatch in the webstore!

Skjerf ruter