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“You actually don’t know how to make the weaver’s knot?” The production boss stared at me surprised and smiled mockingly. I was embarassed, three years ago I had passed the Norwegian weaving exam which lasted for six whole days and I was a journeyman  in weaving. “You need to be able do do this knot if you are going to work here.”

haslach manufaktur


The weaver´s knot. I had tried to learn it from a book and I succeeded in making one 50 % of the times I tried. I never had managed to figure out what the problem was. I asked if he would show me how he did it and he said:




Take two thread ends and cross them. The one you have in your left hand lies over the one that comes from your right hand.


The thread that goes under (brown) needs to be a bit shorter than the other.

lage vevknuten


Take hold of the thread which came from your right hand (green) and wind it around the thumb and index of your left hand.

knyte vevknute


vevknuten trinn for trinn


Fix the green thread with your middel finger against your index,


lag vevknute


Take the green thread and put it between the thumb and the index OVER the brown thread end.

lag vevknuten


Push the short brown end through the green loop.

vevknute trinn for trinn

knyt vevknute


Pull and there is the knot!

ferdig vevknute


I repeated the movements – no knot. I tried again and this time it worked. I put thread ends in my pocket trousers and practiced whenever I could, but it still only worked out every second time. I concluded that I was a complete idiot when it came to knotting skills.




Some days later I was assigned to oversee blanket weaving on a rapier loom. And I was instructed that if the weft should go off, it had to be spliced with a weaver´s knot.  I had to tell the chief weaver that I had problems with this particular knot. She showed me how to do it and she said:


vevknuten forklart

hvordan lage vevknuten


“Remember to put a finger on top the green loop, it has to be kept flat at all times.” I tried and produced a knot, I tried again and it still worked. It worked every single time!

ferdig vevknute


Why bother about the weaver´s knot? This knot is very strong and it is said to be the flatest knot there is. It it obvious why strength is important. I have not measured and compared knots, so I cannot prove that it is the flatest knot ever. But flatness is very important when you weave with at dense reed. If the knot is thick, it will go off in the reed. I always use this knot to splice warp ends.

Want to practice? Check out the little film I made for you. Good luck!