Chnuky yarn weaving

I love weaving with this chunky wool from Selbu minimill. Weaving is incredibly fast and the yarn is soft and lovely to work with. I am using these old shuttles crafted  many, many years ago, for weaving rag rugs on this old loom. They are perfect, sliding fast and easy,


Chunky yarn

This is going to be a large carpet,  135 x 190 cm with fringes. The chunky wool yarn itself has a lovely  color, with fine variations in shades of grey and it comes in big rolls. The wool is from old Norwegian sheep, a primitive race dating back to Viking age. Fancy reading more about this type of wool? Have a look at this blog post.

Linen warp

The warp is unbleached linen and the weft is this thick wool – completely natural and without any chemical treatments.

Ull gulvteppe

Quality control was very satisfied with the result and it was quite sad to send this warm and lovely carpet to the customer. I think we will need one for our own home!


gulvteppe ull