weaving metallic thread


Beautiful golden spools hang in my loom, slowly turning around their own axis, reflecting the light from the window.


Weaving loom


Small spools filled with gold thread. Nor real gold of course, but real artificial sewing thread from Gütermann. Why just this brand? Well, that’s what they had in my local shop and with the thickness I needed.


metallic thread weaving


The shop didn’t have only gold thread, but also silver, copper and other colors with a metallic shine. Perfect to use for weaving ulloliidni – large, square wool shawls.


weaving shuttle


I love to weave with metallic threads. They are a bit stiffer than wool and flow out of my shuttle in shiny spirals. When woven into the fabric, they continue to glitter and reflect light. I use them only sparsely throughout each shawl, but just enough to make each piece a bit special.

Have you been working with metallic threads? Let me know in the comment section!


weaving thread