Askerbunad vest


Circles and squares, circles and squares.


Linen warp


The warp.  lustrous, blue green linen, custom dyed in Italy. The weft: thin, single, dark green wool, custom dyed at Rauma ullvarefabrikk for the folk costume of Asker.


damask weaving


The color varies a lot with the light conditions, I am sorry for that.


drawloom weaving


This is one of many fabrics I weave for this particular folk costume, this is for the women’s waistcoat. It is available in pink and green. This kind of fabric is called damask and I weave it on a drawloom.


weaving on a drawloom


It is possible to take a course and learn to sew the folk costume. Or you can order a costume, which will be made by professional folk costume tailors.


drawloom fabric


But sewing is still some weeks away.  Right now there are only circles and squares, circles and squares, circles and ……


waistcoat fabric