Yarn form old Norwegian sheep

I have knitted a sweater using thrums only! And I such had a lot of fun doing it. Remember the thrums that were to good to go? Well, now I actually can wear them and I have a sweater in wool from old Norwegian sheep.

Old Norwegian sheep sweater

I didn’t bother about the yarn ends, I just joined the threads by knitting double three or four stitches. It goes well with the rough texture of the sweater, the loose ends just hang on the inside, for extra warmth.

Knitting with yarn from old Norwegian sheep


Since I didn’t know if I had enough yarn for a whole sweater, I knitted a yoke sweater form, knitted the sleeves first and then the body on a round needle. When I arrived at the neck, I had to take a few thrums of another project to complete the sweater, and I chose white Norwegian C1 wool.

Knitting wilth yarn from old Norwegian shee

I didn’t have any knitting instructions. I started by picking some needles I thought suitable, knitting a swatch and counting stitches and rows per ten cm. I proceeded to taking measures on a comfortable sweater I like, calculated the number of stitches and rows and then I just started to knit!

cat and old Norwegian wool sweater

Seems our cat Sinus wanted to be in the photo really badly! This is a warm sweater meant for hiking, gathering mushrooms and skiing. A real, a bit rough outdoors sweater and now is the perfect time to start using it!

Have you had knitting projects with thrums?

Old Norwegian sheep wool knitting