Colors of the sea


Is it actually possible to fall in love with yarn? The answer is a loud YES! I am definitively in love with this gorgeous yarn from Norwegian fur sheep.


Happy Norwegian fur sheep

Aren’t they lovely? These are Norwegian fur sheep, and the ones on the photo live at Stavseng farm in northern Norway. Thanks a lot to the farmer, who let me borrow their lovely photos. Norwegian fur sheep are a relatively new in Norway, they were recognized as a breed in 1968. They are a crossbred between Gotland sheep and blue grey individuals of the old Norwegian short tail landrace. The fur sheep have long, soft locks in beautiful shades of grey, and they constitute 1 % of all mother sheep (Source: Norsk sau og geit).

Fur sheep wool


In most spinning mills, naturally brown, black or grey wool is bleached before dyeing. Because of this extra process, there is little demand for pigmented wool and the farmers get very little for wool from their black or grey sheep.


Norwegian fur sheep

Hillesvåg ullvarefabrikk, a small family owned business in western Norway. has stopped bleaching colored wools. They dye directly on grey wool, which results in a lovely, very special color palette. No bleaching is necessary and the farmers get paid well. A perfect deal for the environment, the farmer and the weaver/knitter!

Weaving with fur sheep yarn

Fur sheep yarn (2)

Right now I anm planning to weave more Ripple throws. Which color do you like best?

Yarn from fur sheep