The three folk costume fabrics I wove have turned into beautiful dresses by tailor Mona Løkting. I enjoy looking at the photos so much!


Rondastakk bredstripet


This kind of costume is called Rondastakk, meaning skirt with stripes. If you are curious about it’s history, have a look at this blog post.


rondastakk med liv


One and a halv years ago we went to the museum of Maihaugen in Lillehammer, in order to do some research.


Rondastakk brede striper


Afterwards, we discussed for a while, and then we decided to make three fabrics.


rondastakk bunad


I wove some samples in order to find the right kind of yarn for warp and weft and to find the right thread density.


rondastakk detalj


The new fabrics are not an exact copy of the old ones, but the old fabrics in the museum were a large inspiration.


rondastakk mai


And now my fabrics have been turned into gorgeous folk costumes. I wove just a few meters of each fabric, so these dresses are really special. Mona Løkting is sewing bespoke dresses, fitting the customer perfectly. For those who want to sew themselves, she will sell the fabrics and all the required materials.

Photo: Odd Sprakehaug, Didrik Ouren, Mona Løkting


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