ripples in the pond

Can you feel the ripples? Small waves in water, sand and snow. Close your eyes and … and you feel the ripples in the palm of your hand.


Ripple blanket

Ripple throws are inspired by the small waves on the water surface,  furrows in the sand at the sea shore and waves in windblown snow.

ripples in the snow




Of course the throws are in 100 % wool! Most of the wool is from Norwegian fur sheep,  a rare sheep breed with long,  grey and soft locks of wool. I have written a whole blog post about those cute grey creatures,  you can read it here.


Ripple Throw


Ripple throws have a three-dimensional surface structure and you can feel the ripples with your hand , while relaxing on the sofa.

Ripple throw


I make Ripple in five colors: natural grey, blue,  sea green,  mustard and plum.


Ripple throw


Ripple throw


If you would like Ripple for Christmas,  remember to order soon! It takes time to weave, and time to felt, iron and brush. Because every single throw is brushed by hand on both sides.