• Weaving loom

    Weaving with Metallic Threads

      Beautiful golden spools hang in my loom, slowly turning around their own axis, reflecting the light from the window.     Small spools filled with gold thread. Nor real gold of course, but real artificial sewing thread from Gütermann. Why just this brand? Well, that’s what they had in my local shop and with …

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  • Drawloom equipment

    What is the difference between a drawloom and an ordinary loom?

      What is the difference between a drawloom and a normal loom? I get asked this qustion quite often and I will try to answer it here as simply as possible. This post is written for anybody just happening to ask this question, not for experts in the field, so please, damask veterans and loom …

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  • Thrums Old Norwegian sheep

    What to do with thrums?

      What to do with thrums? This has bothered me ever since I started weaving! Lots of quite short warp threads, often in many different colors. For some years I have given all my loom waste to a kindergarten. They are happy to get hold of free crafts material and kids use the threads to …

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  • Chnuky yarn weaving

    Chunky wool yarn

    I love weaving with this chunky wool from Selbu minimill. Weaving is incredibly fast and the yarn is soft and lovely to work with. I am using these old shuttles crafted  many, many years ago, for weaving rag rugs on this old loom. They are perfect, sliding fast and easy,   This is going to …

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