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  • So long, and thanks for all the light!

    The shadows were very long. The light of the sun rays hit me straight in the eyes, and the snow had a purple hue. The last sun beams of the year, or at least the last I saw of the sun. This was on Sunday, November 19. Clear sky, almost no wind and about two …

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  • ulloliidni

    Sami wool shawls

    Last year Hilde Lund, a well-known Sami  crafts person , asked me if I would weave brown and grey sami wool shawls.  I told her I had to think it over. While weaving red, blue and green shawls for the local crafts store,  I felt the need to create other color combinations. After many sketches, …

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  • Ulloliidni


    Every year I come to a point where I no longer can imagine that the landscape ever will be green again. There are still patches of ice on the street, and the snow heaps are grey and ugly. But all of a sudden there are some warm days in June and everything is green! I …

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  • Gold and Rust

    Rust never sleeps, is the name of Neil Youngs album from the seventies. I have mentioned it before. The car, which was a source of inspiration for blanket “Rust”. It is still there, below the lovely tree and rust is working relentlessly. Despite of the all the e-mails I have received from passionate Polish car afficionados, nobody has …

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