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  • Carding machine

    Norway’s Largest Yarn Mill

    Almost exactly two months ago, I was so lucky to be a delegate to the biannual meeting of the Norwegian Crafts Society. During the meeting days, we had the opportunity to visit Norway’s larges yarn mill, Rauma Ullvarefabrikk. I had been buying their yarns for many years, and always wanted to go there, but never …

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  • Twill Sampler at the Museum of Малые Корелы

    In the beginning ov July I was in the city of Arkhangelsk, in the northwest of Russia. Together with other craftspersons from the museum in Midt-Troms I was invited to participate in the IIIrd International Pomor Craftsmen Gathering at the open air museum of Malye Korelye (Малые Корелы). My assignment was to give a short …

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  • A Dress with Stripes

    White, flat cardboard boxes, cool and dusty air, shelves overfilled with fur cloaks, bed clothing, shoes, underwear, cloaks, belts and much more. I was aching to take out some of the items to have a closer look, but we had little time and the purpose of our visit to the museum archives of Maihaugen was …

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  • dry-stone-wall-aletstch

    Old Stone Walls

    I love dry stone walls. When I was a kid, I liked them because they were easy to climb and because there were lizards sunbathing on them, which I would try to catch. Now I am fascinated by them because they are witnesses of stony land difficult to farm on, of hard labour and of craftmanship enduring …

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