About my textiles, how they are made and my thoughts about them.

  • Scarf squares

    Scarves for you!

    Finally I have had time to weave more scarves! They have been very popular and the last one was sold in November last year, but I never had the time to weave more of them. Last winter I worked very hard in order to finish my folk art project, and afterwards there were lots of …

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  • ulloliidni

    Sami wool shawls

    Last year Hilde Lund, a well-known Sami  crafts person , asked me if I would weave brown and grey sami wool shawls.  I told her I had to think it over. While weaving red, blue and green shawls for the local crafts store,  I felt the need to create other color combinations. After many sketches, …

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  • Mose, museører og sovjetbil – Spring Leaves, Moss and Sovjet Car

    Jeg har lenge vært opptatt av overflater og strukturer ute i naturen som bark, steiner, røtter, lav og mose. I have been intrigued by organic surfaces and their texture and structure for a long time. Tree bark, stones, roots, lichens and moss. Ullpleddet Bjørk laget jeg opprinnelig til konkurransen “Identitet”, organisert av Norges Husflidslag. Det er inspirert av …

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