About the native wool project started by Selbu spinning mill and me. Our aim is to build a network of farmers and producers, in order to make use of the wool from native Norwegian sheep species in northern Norway. Currently funded by Innovation Norway in Troms.

  • Thrums Old Norwegian sheep

    What to do with thrums?

      What to do with thrums? This has bothered me ever since I started weaving! Lots of quite short warp threads, often in many different colors. For some years I have given all my loom waste to a kindergarten. They are happy to get hold of free crafts material and kids use the threads to …

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  • Chnuky yarn weaving

    Chunky wool yarn

    I love weaving with this chunky wool from Selbu minimill. Weaving is incredibly fast and the yarn is soft and lovely to work with. I am using these old shuttles crafted  many, many years ago, for weaving rag rugs on this old loom. They are perfect, sliding fast and easy,   This is going to …

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  • ullsortering-spaelsau

    Wool Classification Workshop

    C1. F2S and F2. No, this is not a secret code or technical specifications. It is the Norwegian wool classification system! Last weekend I attended a wool classification course, arranged by Midt-Troms museum. Large paper sacks filled with wool were dragged into the room by enthusiastic farmers and other fiber enthusiasts, and the smell of sheep, barn …

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  • Viking sjal

    Shawls for Vikings

    Which textiles were in use in the viking period? And what should I sell on a medieval market? I asked myself those and similar questions after having been accepted as as exhibitor at the historic market in Trondheim. I wanted to weave something that could have been worn in that time period and decided to make …

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