Weaving tips and advice for beginners. Simply what I do to make the weaving process easier and simpler.

  • ulloliidni brown

    How to weave a square shawl with fringes

      How do you weave a square shawl with fringes on all sides? I have been asked that several times and in this blog post I will try to answer this question. I will also show you a trick I use to get a better result.   First of all you will need to know …

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  • Drawloom equipment

    What is the difference between a drawloom and an ordinary loom?

      What is the difference between a drawloom and a normal loom? I get asked this qustion quite often and I will try to answer it here as simply as possible. This post is written for anybody just happening to ask this question, not for experts in the field, so please, damask veterans and loom …

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  • Forkle, ulldamask, 1828. Norsk Folkemuseum.

    What is damask?

      I do not remember where I was or how old I was, but I was a very little girl. I was sitting on two pillows at a large table. Grown-ups were talking, laughing and making cheers, the table cloth was white as snow and it had this beautiful white on white shiny pattern of …

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  • Weaver’s knot – a tutorial

    “You actually don’t know how to make the weaver’s knot?” The production boss stared at me surprised and smiled mockingly. I was embarassed, three years ago I had passed the Norwegian weaving exam which lasted for six whole days and I was a journeyman  in weaving. “You need to be able do do this knot …

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