My Little Webstore

Made in Northern Norway

Using Traditional, Artisanal Methods

Produced with the Power of Hand and Feet

Inspired by Norwegian Nature and Folk Art

Sustainable, Natural Fibres Only

Enjoy the Luxury of a Handwoven Textile!

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At the moment, my little webstore contains throws, scarves and shawls.  I also produce limited series of knitwear. In addition, I weave Sami style shawls in five different colors, unfortunately, there are no left, but I will soon start weaving them again. When ordering, keep in mind that weaving takes time and order well in advance!

Autumn big news are weaving projects with yarn of old Norwegian sheep species, the booklet is currently being translated into English. Thanks for your patience!



Handwoven and handbrushed throws, inspired by Norwegian nature. 

Scarves & Shawls

Soft scarves and shawls, handwoven or knitted in fine wool.

Weaving Projects

Weaving projects using yarns form old and rare Norwegian sheep species – in translation, coming soon!