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  • Ripple throw

    Ripple Throws

      Can you feel the ripples? Small waves in water, sand and snow. Close your eyes and … and you feel the ripples in the palm of your hand.   Ripple throws are inspired by the small waves on the water surface,  furrows in the sand at the sea shore and waves in windblown snow. …

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  • Hovden formal farm wear collection

    A Weaver’s Thoughts about Sustainability

    Thanks a lot,  Ingvill Kaasin Montgomery, for challenging me to write a guest post about sustainability from a weaver’s point of view on your blog. Ingvill is the force behind Hovden Formal Farmwear in Portland, Oregon. Her company produces work shirts for modern people in natural fibers like hemp, linen, cotton and wool. She is using traditional …

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  • to rondastakker

    Three New Folk Costume Dresses

      The three folk costume fabrics I wove have turned into beautiful dresses by tailor Mona Løkting. I enjoy looking at the photos so much!     This kind of costume is called Rondastakk, meaning skirt with stripes. If you are curious about it’s history, have a look at this blog post.     One …

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  • Norwegian fur sheep

    Norwegian Fur Sheep or Gorgeous Grey

      Is it actually possible to fall in love with yarn? The answer is a loud YES! I am definitively in love with this gorgeous yarn from Norwegian fur sheep.   Aren’t they lovely? These are Norwegian fur sheep, and the ones on the photo live at Stavseng farm in northern Norway. Thanks a lot to …

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