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  • Rondastakker veving

    New fabrics inspired by old dresses

    Three bodices lying in the snow near the city of Lillehammer, waiting – well, what are they waiting for? They are waiting for a dress! I have woven three new folk costume dress fabrics in cooperation with folk costume tailor Mona Løkting  of  Staslig – Håndverk & tradisjon, inspired by old folk costumes in the museum archive. …

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  • dry-stone-wall-aletstch

    Old Stone Walls

    I love dry stone walls. When I was a kid, I liked them because they were easy to climb and because there were lizards sunbathing on them, which I would try to catch. Now I am fascinated by them because they are witnesses of stony land difficult to farm on, of hard labour and of craftmanship enduring …

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  • Böttker

    Medieval Market

    Have you ever been to a medieval market?  Yes? Well, I hadn’t, this was going to be my very first one and I was very excited about it. I started my journey an early morning in late July, driving past fjords where the sun was chasing the morning mist away,  1250 km to Trondheim, a city in the …

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  • Suverent håndverk – Superior Craftmanship

    Dette er trinsene på vevstolen som Amandus laget til sin kone Kristine. Første gangen jeg vevde for mange år siden, var det på denne vevstolen. These are the pulleys of the loom Amandus made for his wife Kristine. The very first time I wove many years ago, I wove on this loom. Amandus Borch fra …

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