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  • Asker folk costume

    Linen love

    I love linen! And I love  everything about it – the smell, the touch and the color of unbleached, natural linen! Weaving with this single linen yarn feels like a privilege, even after 36 meters of  twill fabric on a warp of unbleached cotton. This fabric will be used for waistcoat lining for the men’s …

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  • drawloom weaving

    Eight fabrics for a folk costume

    How many different types of fabric are there in a folk costume? Some fabrics are visible, others are hidden on the reverse side of a jacket, a skirt, etc. In this blog post I write about the eight different fabrics I have woven for a particular folk costume of the region of Asker in southern …

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  • ulloliidni brown

    How to weave a square shawl with fringes

      How do you weave a square shawl with fringes on all sides? I have been asked that several times and in this blog post I will try to answer this question. I will also show you a trick I use to get a better result.   First of all you will need to know …

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  • Weaving loom

    Weaving with Metallic Threads

      Beautiful golden spools hang in my loom, slowly turning around their own axis, reflecting the light from the window.     Small spools filled with gold thread. Nor real gold of course, but real artificial sewing thread from Gütermann. Why just this brand? Well, that’s what they had in my local shop and with …

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