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    Three New Folk Costume Dresses

      The three folk costume fabrics I wove have turned into beautiful dresses by tailor Mona Løkting. I enjoy looking at the photos so much!     This kind of costume is called Rondastakk, meaning skirt with stripes. If you are curious about it’s history, have a look at this blog post.     One …

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  • weaving on a drawloom

    Circles and Squares

      Circles and squares, circles and squares.     The warp.  lustrous, blue green linen, custom dyed in Italy. The weft: thin, single, dark green wool, custom dyed at Rauma ullvarefabrikk for the folk costume of Asker.     The color varies a lot with the light conditions, I am sorry for that.     …

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  • Asker folk costume

    Linen love

    I love linen! And I love  everything about it – the smell, the touch and the color of unbleached, natural linen! Weaving with this single linen yarn feels like a privilege, even after 36 meters of  twill fabric on a warp of unbleached cotton. This fabric will be used for waistcoat lining for the men’s …

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  • drawloom weaving

    Eight fabrics for a folk costume

    How many different types of fabric are there in a folk costume? Some fabrics are visible, others are hidden on the reverse side of a jacket, a skirt, etc. In this blog post I write about the eight different fabrics I have woven for a particular folk costume of the region of Asker in southern …

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