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  • Carding machine

    Norway’s Largest Yarn Mill

    Almost exactly two months ago, I was so lucky to be a delegate to the biannual meeting of the Norwegian Crafts Society. During the meeting days, we had the opportunity to visit Norway’s larges yarn mill, Rauma Ullvarefabrikk. I had been buying their yarns for many years, and always wanted to go there, but never …

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  • Weaving loom

    Weaving with Metallic Threads

      Beautiful golden spools hang in my loom, slowly turning around their own axis, reflecting the light from the window.     Small spools filled with gold thread. Nor real gold of course, but real artificial sewing thread from Gütermann. Why just this brand? Well, that’s what they had in my local shop and with …

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  • Gold and Rust

    Rust never sleeps, is the name of Neil Youngs album from the seventies. I have mentioned it before. The car, which was a source of inspiration for blanket “Rust”. It is still there, below the lovely tree and rust is working relentlessly. Despite of the all the e-mails I have received from passionate Polish car afficionados, nobody has …

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  • dry-stone-wall-aletstch

    Old Stone Walls

    I love dry stone walls. When I was a kid, I liked them because they were easy to climb and because there were lizards sunbathing on them, which I would try to catch. Now I am fascinated by them because they are witnesses of stony land difficult to farm on, of hard labour and of craftmanship enduring …

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