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  • Ripple throw

    Ripple Throws

      Can you feel the ripples? Small waves in water, sand and snow. Close your eyes and … and you feel the ripples in the palm of your hand.   Ripple throws are inspired by the small waves on the water surface,  furrows in the sand at the sea shore and waves in windblown snow. …

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  • Mose, museører og sovjetbil – Spring Leaves, Moss and Sovjet Car

    Jeg har lenge vært opptatt av overflater og strukturer ute i naturen som bark, steiner, røtter, lav og mose. I have been intrigued by organic surfaces and their texture and structure for a long time. Tree bark, stones, roots, lichens and moss. Ullpleddet Bjørk laget jeg opprinnelig til konkurransen “Identitet”, organisert av Norges Husflidslag. Det er inspirert av …

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