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Handmade in Norway, Thread by Thread.

Gråstein pledd-min

The Textiles

Wearing or using a Stellaria textile in your home provides a feeling of sustainable, everyday luxury.  I create durable textiles in selected natural materials with great attention to detail and all my textiles are handmade in Norway in a traditional way. Due to the handweaving process, every item is a tiny bit different from the next in the form of small irregularities. I produce only in small series or one-of-a-kind items.
My main focus has been on texture and structure inspired by organic surfaces in nature. For the moment I am also working on a collection based on patterns found in old Norwegian bed clothing.

The Story of the Name

My daughter clambered out of the roadside ditch, strands of blonde hair were escaping  her pigtails and hanging in her face. She wore rubber boots, there were grass stains on the trouser knees and the arms of her sweater were a bit too short. It was summer in subarctic Norway.

“Look what I found! Look at the beautiful flower!”

I looked down at her outstretched, little, brown hand and saw a small, white flower.

“How is it called, Mummy”?

Stellaria graminea


The nerd in my awakened, the girl who had loved studying botany at the university and always carried the complete flora of Norway, Sweden and Finland around in her backpack.

“It is called grass star flower or Stellaria graminea, that’s the posh name. There are many kinds of star flowers and they grow everywhere, in the ditches, in the forest, on the mountains and in the vegetable patch.
Her face lightened up.

“Do you know what I think, Mummy? I think that when a wishing star falls down to earth in the winter, there will grow a star flower in the summer in the spot where it fell down.”

I could see she was thinking.

“And sometimes a wishing star falls on the clothes you make and then stars grow on them.”

Back then I used to knit clothes with holes and crochet stars into the holes. I sold them from my workshop and through retailers. Now I almost exclusively weave, but I chose to keep the name of my little business – Stellaria.

Blue shawl

Pledd Mose

Handwoven scarf


Stellaria pledd

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