Birch Throw

Birch was originally designed for the design and crafts competition “Identity” hosted by the Norwegian Crafts society.  It is inspired by the bark of the birch trees and their white stems shining at dawn in the subarctic forest. The selvedge is a tender green, reminiscent of the first, sticky leaves that appear in the beginning of June. They exude a spicy scent reminding of resin and make the whole forest smell of spring.

The whole piece is entirely made by hand, handwoven and handbrushed. It is generously large and perfect for cuddling up on the sofa with a book and a cup of something warm to drink. Birch is manufactured using traditional craft skills handed down through generations from weaver to weaver. This is a slow process and because each throw is made entirely by hand, small variations will occur making every piece unique. It is woven in pure wool and because it is so large  (120 cm x 210 cm), even a very long person can get his toes under it when lying on the couch, without being cold on the chest.

Like Rock, Rust, Peat and Moss, Birch has an irregular pattern reminding of organic surfaces like bark, stone or roots. Read more about this series of blankets inspired Norwegian nature in this blog post.

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