Carpets in Norwegian Wool

Carpets in pure Norwegian wool from Selbu minimill. The warp is natural linen and all carpets are handwoven on a special carpet loom, ensuring a robust and sturdy quality.

Every carpet is made to order. Maximum width is 240 cm, as to length there are no limits. The carpets are handwoven in natural colors only, varying from white, to light grey, beige, brown, dark grey and black. We will send you photos of the available wool colors on request, however, we do not recommend white carpets.

You can choose between four qualities: soft standard, soft thick, robust standard and robust thick. The soft series is handwoven with soft, untreated yarn and is best suited for places where you need a soft, extra warm carpet, like a bedroom and other places with not so much. The robust series is woven with felted yarn. These carpets have a distinct structure and are well suited for spaces with more traffic and abrasion like the living room, beneath tables and in halls.

Pricing and qualities:

All prices are per square meter and in Norwegian kroner (NOK). For Norwegian residents all prices are inclusive 25 % tax. If you happen to live outside Norway, the tax will not apply to your order.

Soft standard – soft carpet in plain weave: 2536.- Norwegian kroner (NOK) for orders from abroad, 3170.- NOK for Norwegian residents.

Soft thick – soft carpet in twill weave: 2880.- NOK for orders from abroad, 3600.- NOK for Norwegian residents.

Robust standard – plain weave carpet woven with felted yarn: : 3272.- NOK for orders from abroad, 4090.- NOK for Norwegian residents.

Robust thick– thick twill carpet woven with felted yarn: 3752.- NOK for orders from abroad, 4690.- NOK for Norwegian residents..

If you are not sure how to calculate your carpet in square meter, get in touch and we will help you. All carpets are delivered with a knotted fringe as standard, if you prefer a woven edge or a knotted edge, send an e-mail for price inquiry.