Sami style shawls

Large traditional Sami shawl handwoven in 100 % wool. The bright red, blue and green colors lighten up long and dark winter days and bring energy and joy. The white shawl was inspired by the colors of subarctic summer flowers, if you are curious about how subarctic summer feels, have a look here. The large shawls are warm and soft and measure 110 x 110 cm plus fringes.

The blue and white shawls are also available with discreetly interspersed silver or gold threads for an additional effect. If you would like other colors, have a look here.

Unfortunately, everything is completely sold out. If you would like to buy a shawl, get in touch with one of my retailers:

Kronebutikken, Storslett
Grenebua, Manndalen
Husfliden, Tromsø
Heimen Husflid, Oslo

Wonder how the shawls are produced? Have a look at this blog post.

If you wish to knot the fringes yourself, let me know and I can offer a generous discount.

384.00 Incl. tax