Viking shawl

2.500 kr Incl. tax


Square one-of-a- kind shawls, woven in yarn from threatened Norwegian sheep breeds and interspersed with handspun and plant-dyed threads. Dimensions. 105 x 105 cm plus fringes.


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The Viking style shawls were originally woven for the medieval market in Trondheim and there is exactly one of each color combination. They are woven in a pattern used in early iron-age and the yarn is spun from carefully selected naturally colored wools from rare Norwegian sheep breads. The colored threads are handspun and hand-dyed. Each shawl measures 105 by 105 cm and there are only three left. So if you fancy one, hurry up!

If you are interested in reading more about the shawls, check out this blog post.

The three remaining colors from left to right are:
Light grey and madder – dark brown and madder – light grey and cochenille


Dark brown and madder, Light grey and cochenille, Light grey and madder

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