Thread by Thread, Handmade in Norway

Charlotte Engstad is a master in handweaving and designer-maker. I specialise in high-end textiles for interiors and clothing,  bespoke yardage and collaboration projects. As a weaver I make cloth, in the same way artisans did 300 years ago. I wish to preserve and to pass on the knowledge and the skills of tradtional handweaving, thereby contributing to preserve a small part of our immaterial cultural heritage.

Unfortunately, this site has huge technical problems and has to be disabled for now. I am building a new site, the link to it will be posted here when I am finished and the new pages will hopefully be more user friendly and fast. 

Take care of yourself and your loved ones in those difficult times!

Love, Charlotte

Sustainable Luxury

Using handwovens provides a feeling of sustainable luxury in your everyday life.  Due to the handweaving process, every item is a tiny bit different from the next in the form of small irregularities. I use only natural fibers of high quality, and my textiles are made in small series or are one-of-a-kind items. My main focus has been on texture and structure inspired by organic surfaces in nature. Soon launching a collection based on patterns found in old Norwegian bed clothing.

Bespoke Yardage

I produce a range of bespoke yardage fabrics for Norwegian folk costume tailors, typically fabrics for dresses, waistcoats, aprons and different types of fodder fabric. Materials are cotton, wool, silk and linen. Deciding whether to order handwoven or not, take into consideration that a handwoven fabric can never be as regular as its factory woven counterpart. Handwovens will always bear traces of the hands of its maker in the form of small irregularities, making each yard of fabric special.

Work With Me

Whether you are a designer, a museum employee or a shop/brand owner, take contact for collaboration projects. I can readily assist you with developing:

  • Reconstruction or copies of old woven textiles
  • Protoypes of new textiles
  • Bespoke yardage for your brand or for your home
  • Special items for your shop